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FootJoy Pro SLX


- Equipped with advanced technology to enhance your swing

- Unprecedented comfort levels

- Available in a wide variety of colours



- Might it be time to upgrade from our Pro SL’s?


FootJoy Pro SLX Review

One of golf's most acclaimed product lines has received an update for 2024. Introducing the FootJoy Pro SLX and Pro SLX Carbon.


Initial Impressions

FootJoy shoes are synonymous with quality performance and also offer a wide selection of styles. The new Pro SLX shoes boast a modern and sleek design that is likely to attract a broad spectrum of golfers.


I'm particularly fond of the blue and white colour scheme, where subtle design elements make a significant impact.


The soles of these shoes reveal that they provide excellent control, a feature I find invaluable in a golf shoe, especially when playing under challenging conditions. Overall, these are stylish shoes that will definitely be part of my collection in 2024.


Technology Overview

Pro SLX, according to FootJoy, is set to revolutionise golf shoe traction with its new ‘PWR TRAX System’.


This system includes a moulded 3D ‘X-Wing’ activated by swing forces to redistribute energy across the shoe’s perimeter, mirroring the expansive base seen in race cars to enhance stability and grip. The ‘Race Trak Outsole’ features radial disc traction that digs deeper into the ground, expanding the traction footprint.


The shoe incorporates various traction elements designed to meet specific conditions on the golf course and for general walking comfort.


The midsole retains FJ’s proprietary ‘StratoFoam’, providing outstanding comfort and energy return with each step. A 3D ‘Moulded Collar’ around the ankle ensures the foot remains securely positioned, offering consistent fit and supreme comfort.


The 3D X-Wing enhances stability during swings and ground engagement. Surrounding the StratoFoam midsole is an FTF+ foam, creating a stable base for swings. Additionally, an exposed heel stabiliser and a TPU wrap on the sidewall manage lateral and upper movement.


Additional features include premium ‘ChromoSkin’ leather and a ‘Laser Plus Last’ design featuring a full rounded toe, standard fit across the forefoot and instep, and a slightly slimmer heel.


There are subtle distinctions between the PRO SLX and the PRO SLX Carbon models. The Carbon version provides enhanced stability, especially in the ankle and heel regions—an improvement that particularly suits my needs, leading me to choose this model.


Typically, I prefer the Premiere Series style, but the clear performance advantages of these shoes are undeniable. They were exceptionally comfortable right out of the box, a major plus. Just a few swings in, I noticed significant stability enhancements during my swing, which is crucial as I tend to sway too much during my swing; these shoes effectively helped control that.


On the course, the PWR TRAX system performed admirably. I'm generally sceptical of spikeless golf shoes, but these provided no issues, either while walking or swinging, even on wet days where they offered excellent traction.


FootJoy admittedly took a risk by moving away from the traditional PRO SL aesthetic, but I believe it has really paid off with these shoes.


FootJoy set out to deliver traction, comfort, and control with these shoes, and I can confidently say they have succeeded.


Product Details


Recommended Retail Prices:


Pro SLX laced: £159.99

Pro SLX BOA: £184.99

Pro SLX Carbon: £189.99

Pro SLX Women’s: £139.99


Availability Date: 


On sale now!


Colour Options:


Pro SLX: White/White, Black/White, White/Navy, Navy/White

Pro SLX BOA: White/White

Pro SLX Carbon: Black/Black, White/Black/Multi

Pro SLX Women’s: White/Silver/Multi, Black/White

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